Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Turn Over Every Stone.

The whole idea of turning stones over is not a landscaping effort or a rock wall building exercise but is meant to be a way at looking at every opportunity. If we equate each stone as an opportunity then we can take a good look at it, turning it over and over to determine whether it is worth keeping, discarding or filing for the future. I have a large rock collection.

No one can tell what an opportunity is until it is investigated and checked out carefully. Do not pre-judge any opportunity. Don't let someone else tell you if it is good for you or not unless you have seen it yourself.

Too many people are satisfied with their lot. We're doing okay. We're not going to gamble a cent on a chance to do better. We're not going to make any effort to improve our position. Too many people will let an opportunity slip right past them without even flinching. They'll let that opportunity get lost but it will only be lost to them.

Some else will find it, pick it up and succeed. It could change their way of life, their lot and the outlook for their family and their future.

Yes there are many ways of looking at things and that's a good thing. The revolutionary business I'm in now can change everything. The great part is I have no inventory, I am not selling any product and all I have to do is let other people know of this business and offer them the chance to make serious money and improve their own position. Once you have some money it changes the way you look at a lot of things. You will be in a position to fulfill you dreams and those of others as well. Just imagine what doubling or tripleing your annual income (in your spare time) could do for you and you family. Your charities, your dreams.

All I'm saying is that many opportunities will make themselve known to you via mail, email, phone, in person, TV, business, etal and you want to be able to look them over, just like you were turning over a stone. Take a good look. Don't be pressured. Think of yourself and for yourself.

I'm Rod Winning and I've been networking throughout my varied career

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